Honorary Fellowship: Worcester College

Honorary Fellowship: Worcester College, Oxford

On 12 May 2018, Anne Desmet was awarded an Honorary Fellowship for ‘distinction in the world of art’ by Worcester College Oxford. The award ceremony took place in the College’s chapel followed by lunch in the recently restored and refurbished grand dining hall. The image shows the artist with her son and two close friends in Worcester’s main quad, wearing her Fellow’s gown, on the day of the ceremony.

In 2016 Desmet was commissioned to create a bespoke collage for Worcester College’s Senior Common Room (SCR). She created a printed collage on 21 razor shells which aimed to reflect Oxford as a city of learning alongside the 18th century tradition of the ‘Grand Tour’ as demonstrated by other historic paintings and prints on permanent display in the SCR. Desmet’s commissioned collage entitled ‘Echoes of Empires’ is in a bespoke perspex box which was specially made to fit a semi-circular display shelf within a recessed wall-niche. A close-up of the collage can be seen on the Commissions page of this website.


May 2018

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