An Italian Journey – Book

Anne Desmet – An Italian Journey:

Book published by the Royal Academy of Arts (RA), October 2016, Reprinted 2017.

“This jewel-like volume of pen, wash and watercolour sketches transports us to the unmistakable landscapes and cityscapes of the Italian peninsula. Anne Desmet RA commits every detail to paper, and the book’s small-scale format emphasises her distinctive flair for capturing the relationship between extreme foreground and distance. This is a unique opportunity to explore the bel paese, from Sicily to the Veneto, through the eyes of a meticulous and precise artist.” (RA publicity material for: ‘An Italian Journey’) With 124 pages full of detailed drawings, this small volume brings together, at their actual size, selected highlights from four of Desmet’s sketchbooks spanning some 25 years of her travels the length and breadth of Italy.

Available to order from Amazon, or on the Royal Academy Website, where the exclusive Limited Edition Copy is also available.

Video review published by Teoh Yi Chie in January 2018

October 2016

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